Legends Cattle


As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in helping other cattle ranchers grow their herds with quality animals at an unmatched value.


Legends Cattle Company began in 2000 as an idea to put together the best commercial herd Todd Garrett could possibly find and breed. An accountant by day, but a cattleman all his life, he was fascinated by data and numbers and knew he could drive the improvement of anything he measured.

After years of struggling with what is the foundation of any good cowherd — the quality female — Todd decided a new approach was in order. Rather than focus on obtaining top genetics only to see them under-perform in the pasture, he began focusing on the cows that had great calves, required very few inputs, and displayed excellent maternal traits. These have proven to be the legends great herds are built on.

Led by his desire to create great cows and bulls, he sought to find the best genetics and push them for performance. He began creating foundation females and exceptional DNA-tested commercial bulls worthy of writing home about. The herd became filled with data-proven cattle with good pedigrees and performance records and high-accuracy maternal sires.

Now seeking to help producers fit their niche needs, due to the low-input standards placed on his cowherd, Legends Cattle Company is able to offer these premium genetics at a price that makes sense for both the cattleman and the pocketbook.


Today Todd, along with his dedicated team of expert cattle and land managers, work to continually improve our herd and breed exceptional females and quality bulls. Our team has the capabilities to combine years of experience with cutting edge, data driven technologies to fit any breeding niche needed in today’s cattle industry. What began as a herd of commercial cattle has evolved into a story of legendary Brahman influenced Angus-based commercial females and commercial bulls that are prepared to handle a rugged environment and perform for today’s cattleman, no matter what the herd goals are.

Legends Cattle Co. continues to build exceptional females and quality commercial bulls through data driven technologies.