Legends Cattle


Thank you for your interest in our Legends Beef. 

We will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your order, schedule a processing time, and collect the deposit.  Thank you!

How Much Beef Can I Expect To Receive?

Whole/Half/Quarter Beef will vary, but 600 pounds is an average hanging weight.  Packaged meat will yield approximately 70% of the hanging weight. The following chart is an example only, and is not a guarantee of how much beef you will receive:

Packaged Beef
Live Animal Hanging Weight Whole Half Quarter
900 lbs 540 lbs 380 lbs 190 lbs 190 lbs
1000 lbs 600 lbs 420 lbs 210 lbs 105 lbs
1100 lbs 660 lbs 460 lbs 230 lbs 115 lbs

How Much Beef Do I Need?

  • Average beef consumption per person is around 50 pounds per year
  • A family of four will eat around 200 pounds of Beef in a year
  • Most Texans eat greater than 50 pounds per year!

How Will I Receive My Whole/Half/Quarter Beef?

  • For whole/half/quarter beef orders, Legends Cattle will schedule a processing time with one of our vendors, or a professionally certified processor of your choosing (Any processor further than 50 miles from Emory, TX will be subject to an additional surcharge).
  • You will then work directly with the processor to select your desired cuts.
  • The processor will notify you when your order is ready.  Expect lead times of 2-3 months.
  • You will be responsible for picking up your beef from the processor.

How Do I Place An Order?

  • Complete the Order Interest Form or 
  • Call our main number 903-560-8311
  • We accept most any form of payment including cash, check, credit card, Paypal, or Venmo. 
  • Whole/Half/Quarter beef orders require the following deposits:
    • Whole – $500
    • Half – $300
    • Quarter – $200

How Has The Beef Been Raised?

All of our cattle are pasture raised with no added growth hormones!  In order to provide the highest quality beef, each animal designated for Legends Beef production is finished on a forage/grain mixed ration.

What Is The Total Cost To Be For Whole/Half/Quarter Beef?

The following table serves as a reference to help give you an estimate of the total cost of ordering a whole/half/quarter side of beef, including processing fees.  Each order will be unique depending on the live weight, hanging weight and cuts of beef chosen.  

Order Legends Price Processing Fee Total
Whole $2,160 - $2,640 $270 - $585 $2,430 - $3,225
Half $1,080 - $1,320 $135 - $305 $1,215 - $1,625
Quarter $540 - $660 $67 - $148 $607 - $808

What Are The Typical Cuts of Beef In A Half Order?

You will provide instructions to the processor about the types of cuts you prefer, thickness of steaks, etc.  The example below is a common cut sheet.  Note, if you prefer more ground beef and less roasts this is an easy substitution.

If you have questions about cuts of beef, how best to prepare it, or are interested in new recipes, we encourage you to visit the Texas Beef Council website Beef Loving Texans, for more information.  

In the meantime, view our great selection of commercial breeding stock for sale by private treaty. Call our ranch manager, Jeff Goldsmith at (903) 560-8311 and check out our Spring Bull Sale.